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  • Bahare Askari, MSc, 2018-Present (co-supervised with Jarek Szlichta).
  • Hunter Thompson, MSc, 2018-Present (co-supervised with Faisal Qureshi).
  • Katelyn Cushing, MSc, 2017-Present (co-supervised with Julie Thorpe).
  • Kalev Gonvick, Undergraduate, 2018-Present (co-supervised with Julie Thorpe).
  • Zach Parish, Undergraduate, 2018-Present (co-supervised with Julie Thorpe).


  • Danustan Alphonza, Undergraduate, Fall 2017.
  • Joshua Lemon, Undergraduate, Fall 2017 (co-supervised with Ken Pu).
  • Mario Acosta, Undergraduate, 2016.
  • Rob McDiarmid, Undergraduate, 2012.


Current Courses:

  • INFR 3120, Web and Script Programming, Fall 2018.
  • CSCI 6250, Recommender Systems, Fall 2018.

Previous Courses:

  • INFR 3120, Web and Script Programming, Fall 2017.
  • CSCI 5730, Information and Social Network Analysis, Winter 2018.
  • INFR 4690, IT Forensics, Winter 2018.


. Boundedly Rational Voters in Large(r) Networks. In AAMAS, 2018.

PDF Project

. On Conceptually Simple Algorithms for Variants of Online Bipartite Matching. In WAOA, 2017.

PDF Project arXiv

. An Exploration of Geographic Authentication Schemes. In IEEE TIFS, 2016.

PDF Project

. Preference-oriented Social Networks: Group Recommendation and Inference. In ACM RecSys, 2015.

PDF Project

. Empathetic Social Choice on Social Networks. In AAMAS, 2014.

PDF Project Extended Version

. The Presentation Effect on Graphical Passwords. In ACM CHI, 2014.

PDF Project

. Ranking Networks. In FNAMMA, 2013.

PDF Project

. Usability and Security Evaluation of GeoPass: a Geographic Location-Password Scheme. In SOUPS, 2013.

PDF Project

. Empathetic Social Choice on Social Networks. In COMSOC, 2012.

PDF Project

. Video-Passwords: Advertising While Authenticating. In NSPW, 2012.

PDF Project

. DART: A Distributed Analysis of Reputation and Trust Framework. In Computational Intelligence, 2012.

PDF Project

. The Relationship of Trust, Demand and Utility: Be More Trustworthy, Then I Will Buy More. In IEEE PST (Winner, Best Student Paper Award), 2010.

PDF Project

. How Ants Put Advertisements on the Web. In IEA-AIE, 2010.

. Purely Automated Attacks on PassPoints-Style Graphical Passwords. In IEEE TIFS, 2010.

PDF Project

. Tony White, Wayne Chu, and Amirali Salehi-Abari. In SocialComp, 2010.

. On the Impact of Witness-Based Collusion in Agent Societies. In PRIMA, 2009.

PDF Project

. The Uphill Battle of Ant Programming vs. Genetic Programming. In ICEC, 2009.


. Towards Con-resistant Trust Models for Distributed Agent Systems. In IJCAI, 2009.

PDF Project

. On the Importance of Relational Concept Knowledge in Referral Networks. In Artificial Intelligence Review, 2009.

. Using Relational Concept Knowledge to Improve Search in Referral Networks. In AAMAS, 2009.

. On Purely Automated Attacks and Click-Based Graphical Passwordse. In ACSAC, 2008.

PDF Project

. A Swarm-based Crossover Operator for Genetic Programming. In GECCO, 2008.

. Enhanced Generalized Ant Programming (EGAP). In GECCO, 2008.



  • (905) 721-8668 ext. 5544
  • ERC 2086, UOIT, 2000 Simcoe Street North,Oshawa, Ontario, L1H 7K4
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